Water Treatment in Vancouver WA

We can provide water treatment for any type of water issue.

We take the guesswork out of solving water issues. Whether you already have the water filters or need help finding the right one, we can help. From testing to installation, we have all the solutions for your water treatment.

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Whole House Water Treatment

Perfect water for the whole house.

A whole house water filter is designed to filter all the water that enters your home. It can help reduce contaminants such as chlorine, iron, or arsenic from entering any tap in your home. With a whole house filter system you will need a little more room for the filters to be placed as they are larger and take up more space. 

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Under Sink Water Treatment

A simple solution for better drinking water.

An under sink filter system is great for filtering your drinking water only. Typically an under sink filter is a great choice for reverse osmosis, chlorine, or odors and is a cheaper option than a whole house filter system.  If you are short on space or would like to save money an under sink filter system is a great option. 

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See why your Vancouver neighbors toad-ally love our water treatment services!

Tyler is quick and efficient and does quality work. We used him to plumb our new home and we couldn’t be more satisfied! He does stuff just as you ask and has good input and ideas from all of his experience.

Brooke W.

I had a very poorly designed small half bath in my upstairs, and Tyler helped redesign it and moved the plumbing to fully utilize the space and even plumb in a shower. Quick and very good at what he does.

Darin M.

My go to plumber! Tyler has always been honest and helpful to us!

Ryan S.

Toad's Plumbing did an excellent job of plumbing my new home. Tyler was quick, responsive, and efficient with his work and did an excellent job at recommending product to the unexperienced. Would use again in the future, thanks again Tyler!

Donny W.

We help you choose the right water treatment options and install them. 

You can stop wondering what system is best and what treatment option you should choose. At Toad’s, we work with you to help you find the correct filters for your water. We also install your water filters so you can have the peace of mind that they are up and running correctly. 

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Whole House Water Treatment Vancouver WA
Consider it done.

We have the worry-free solution to any water issues.

Water Softeners

If you have hard water that leaves deposits and stains in your sink or showers, a water softener can help. Our water softeners can save the lifespan of your appliances and water heater.

Chlorine Removal

Do you have awful-tasting water with chlorine? We can install a water filter to eliminate 95% of the chlorine typically found in city water.  This option can be done with a whole-house filter or an under-the-sink filter.

Arsenic Treatments

Arsenic is sometimes found in wells across Clark and Cowlitz counties. With advanced filter systems, we can almost eliminate arsenic entirely from your water making it safe to drink.

Iron Treatment

High iron causes brownish-red staining and residue inside sinks and showers. It also can wreak havoc on appliances. Iron treatment is very common and relatively easy to remove. 

Odor Elimination

Bad odors are most common with well water and we can help you get rid of them and enjoy using water.

Heavy Metal Filters

We can keep your drinking water pure by eliminating all the heavy metals that can be found in water. With a variety of filter options, we can help you choose the right one for you.

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